A-Z Challenge post-mortem

So, I didn’t get through all of the A-Z posts by the end of the month.

Being honest with you, I did spend quite a bit of the first couple of weeks worrying about money, something which is basically out of my control.  Things are fine now but I’m late paying my bills and that’s not good.  It doesn’t leave me feeling like writing, I can say that much!

On the upside, the wordage across all the posts I did complete is about 2900.  Which is more than I’ve written in a while.

The increased dose of medication seems to have some effect on my ability to stay focused during the day, but I do still tire easily.

Goals for May, then?  Nothing complicated, just try to crank out more than 2900 words without going crazy. 🙂

But if I can I want to finish off Part 2 of Pegasus, and decide if it’s going to be an erotic romance.  I also want to make a start of the fanfic idea I had last month, before it floats out of my head completely.  In fact, I’ll go set up a fanfic idea page for myself now, and get it noted down.

I also want to write an ending for Servant of the Siphen and then twist someone’s arm until they read it.  Haha, okay probably not, but I can ask around, see if I can get a new perspective.

That should easily get me past 2900 words.  At the end of the month I’ll let you know how that goes!

Thanks to everyone who commented and got involved in the challenge.  It’s nice to know that I’m not alone.



4 responses to “A-Z Challenge post-mortem”

  1. Hi! Pity the challenge didn’t go as you might have liked, but the way I see it; 2900 words is more than you had at the start of the month. I say that’s worth kicking up your heels over.
    Sorry to hear about money problems. I know how that feels (some days I miss my job *sniffle*) and some nights it does stop me sleeping. Happens to all of us at some point or other.

    If you’re looking for readers though, I’m happy to take a peep at anything you want a new perspective on. I’m just about to do something similar with my WIP and send out the tentative feelers for beta readers (wanna go on the list?). I’ve recently been chatting with my group about the value of having fresh eyes on a piece of writing and thanking the whole group for the work with me on two of my short stories that got mentions/printings in writing magazines. They’ve really helped me and it makes me want to do the same, so yes, that’s a long way of saying hit me up if you’re short of readers. Or even if you’re not. 🙂

    • The way I see it, a fresh perspective is always useful. If you fancy taking a peek at Pegasus or The Maw of Despair, those are the ones which haven’t had any beta attention yet. Have fun! 🙂

      And yes, please sign me up. I did try joining the list with my shiny new e-mail account but the activation link doesn’t work (points to a missing page?) so, I guess that needs looked at!

      • Do you mean the mailing list? It’s a problem if those don’t work and I’m glad you’ve said so because I had no idea!
        The list I meant above, however, is just a small cluster of people I’m emailing about SORB.

        Hmm. *goes to check links*

      • Ah okay, gotcha.

        Yes. As it turns out I still got my list welcome so I think all that’s happening is that the ‘welcome to the list’ page isn’t where it’s supposed to be.