Crew of the Orion

This is a preliminary listing of characters who crew the starship Orion.

Captain Caroline Trueman, Commanding Officer

Caroline’s career has had its ups and downs, but she has managed to stay on track and earn a promotion to Captain.  The Orion is the second starship she has commanded, and in her mind it is the most challenging assignment so far.

Commander Rebecca Ford

Rebecca’s description will be completed later on. Spoilers!

Commander Paul Jorden, First Officer

PJ, as he is known to friends, is a cheerful guy with a great sense of humour.  That’s not to say he doesn’t take his job seriously, but he likes seeing smiles on the faces of his co-workers.

Lieutenant Tegan Brown, Chief of Security

A last-minute replacement for a reassigned officer, Tegan still hasn’t got to know many of the crew and sometimes feels lonely.

Lt. Commander Frederica Reed, Chief Engineer

Fond of shortening her name to simply Erica, she is often so focused on her work that she has little time for a personal life.

Dr. Jean Macaude, Chief Medical Officer

Chief Petty Officer Rhona Pryce, Security

Rhona has stuck by Caroline through several assignments and is a good friend.

Dr. Andrea MacNeil, Computer Systems Specialist

Andrea has been on deep-space assignments before, but nothing quite like this one.  Her expertise in computer systems is essential to the mission since the Orion’s computer cores have not been fully investigated.

Isamura Raine, Guest

Having no official assignment, Isamura nevertheless finds ways to be helpful to the mission.