Biofile, Isamura Raine

General description

At first glance this woman doesn’t seem very threatening.  Her fancy earrings and jewellery tell you that she must have some wealth, but how much you can’t say for sure.  She looks to be in good shape physically and your attention may be drawn to the blades sheathed at her sides.

She certainly looks ready for battle, but with whom and why are a mystery for now.

Height: 5’9″
Eyes: Green
Skin: Bronze
Hair: Red, wavy
Distinctive characteristics: Pointed ears


Isamura does not require sleep. When she needs to recuperate, she enters a meditative trance.

Status on the Orion

Isamura is a guest aboard the Orion, with no official duties.  However, she has much experience as an explorer and has provided valuable information.