No Way Home – Storyboard

This is the storyboard outline for No Way Home.

Part 1

  • Establish the aftermath of the battle with the Siphen – Rebecca is in the infirmary, the Earth portal is inoperable, repairs to the Orion are underway.
  • Caroline is trying to come to terms with the possibility of never going home again, and not taking it very well.  She tries to reach out to Rhona but there is a problem with the comm system.  This builds up to the power failure in the next chapter.
  • Caroline instead talks with Isamura.  Isamura suggests she take a lover, and kisses her.
  • Caroline politely tells Isamura that she isn’t ready to take things further, and leaves.

Part 2

  • Caroline puts the kiss out of her mind for the moment to focus on the other things that need her attention.
  • She visits the infirmary to see how Rebecca is doing.  On the way she notices that the corridor lighting has failed and emergency lamps are being used.  This builds up to the power failure in the next chapter.
  • She sits with Rebecca for a little while, wishing that her first officer had some advice for her.  Instead she has to figure out her next move on her own.
  • She checks in with Erica to see what they can do about the portal.  Erica says that she may need to get up close and do an EVA to the portal and examine the internal structure.
  • Since she is the only shuttle pilot, Caroline decides that she will fly Erica to the portal.  Paul argues that it would be more prudent to take the Orion in close and take sensor readings.