Update on Flight of Passion

So the last post I made, the team had split up to look for the missing adventurer. I’ve written some more so go check it out here!

There are also a few subtle changes earlier in the chapter for consistency with regards to Tegan and Erica. What I don’t have yet is some sort of inner dialogue or event that explains Caroline’s change in viewpoint – at the start of the chapter she is really worried about her infidelity, but in the latest scene she admits that if they don’t find a way home, she would consider some sort of polyamorous arrangement.

Well actually, that’s taking it out of context a bit. She says there’s no way her wife would go for a polyamorous arrangement, then when Erica asks her if she would consider it in the event they can’t find a way home, she hesitantly says that she would.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts on that or you just want to say that it’s fine how it is, click the link and use the feedback form at the end.