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  • Progress is progress

    Progress is progress

    So today’s gone reasonably well.  I got some writing done.  What’s more, I got it done as today’s challenge over at the Erotic Writer’s Group.  It puts me at 261 words for the month. 🙂 Also, as I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I gave my mum a copy of Servant of the Siphen today.  She…

  • Part 13 of Servant of the Siphen

    Part 13 of Servant of the Siphen

    I’ve updated Part 13 on the site now.  It isn’t finished yet, but you can see it taking form. 🙂 Since yesterday I’ve been a bit more motivated to write.  I think that having a supportive talk with someone in person has made a big difference! I’m going to need a beta or two to read Servant…

  • From contrivance to reality

    So it’s been a while since my last proper blog post.  I haven’t been doing much writing lately, more sort of plotting. So tonight I’m going to tackle the issue of gender balance in my stories. Initially my thinking was that I wanted to have female characters in roles that are traditionally filled by males. …

  • No fancy cover for Servant of the Siphen

    No fancy cover for Servant of the Siphen

    Why Servant of the Sipehn and other works will have basic functional covers.

  • The red pen comes out for Flight of Passion

    The red pen comes out for Flight of Passion

    I have a bunch of edits planned that will make significant changes so you can expect to see another version possibly Feb next year depending on how things go. So if you want to make an argument in favour of keeping the parts I’m planning to cut, you kind of need to make it soon.

  • Part 12 finished!

    I’m starting a new part that picks up after the big revelation in Part 12.  I think the fight scene needs a bit of work.  But I can come back to that. I’m in the final stretch for this chapter (Flight of Passion is Chapter 9 on my outline for the book) and when I’m…

  • Part 11 finished!

    I’ve finished Part 11 of Flight of Passion and I’m moving on to Part 12.  There may be some further refinements as time allows. As I mentioned on Twitter I’m trying a couple of new plugins, one of which allows me to see the word count as a column in the admin panel (very useful)…

  • Progress on Part 11

    It’s going fairly well.  I recently got past a scene in Part 11 that I was blocked on.  It’s still fairly rough but it feels better than my first try which I deleted (don’t worry, I keep a local copy of this stuff just in case). I added a Twitter plugin to the sidebar so…

  • Starting a new part!

    So I think that Part 10 of Flight of Passion is long enough now, and I’m going to get cracking on Part 11.  I’ll sort out the combo page as well.