A thing I did not know you could do with Writemonkey

So I use Writemonkey to work with plain text, which is useful when I’m writing with EPUB in mind, because there’s almost no formatting to strip out and re-do afterwards.

But what I apparently haven’t clocked all this time is that you can add ‘Open with Writemonkey’ to the Windows context menu.  That is, right-click on a text file and there you go, that’s an option.

Up until now I had simply opened the file from Writemonkey’s right-click menu, but this tip saves me a click because I can access the file from my desktop thanks to another program called Fences. 🙂

However, since this does do things with the registry to add the option, you’ll need to start Writemonkey with Administrator privileges (just when you’re setting the option) to get this to work.

One response to “A thing I did not know you could do with Writemonkey”

  1. Oh, and the reason why I’m mentioning it at all is because one of the problems with my process has been staring at what I had up previously in WriteMonkey, drawing a blank, and not taking the initiative in switching to something else. Now, whenever I like I can switch to whatever story file I have that’s synchronised. 🙂