Martin July 15, 15:35 GMT+0000

Doing a bit of spring cleaning here on the site.

I’m preparing to resume writing, or at least organise myself a bit better. 🙂


Martin December 23, 5:22 GMT+0000

The newest version of the Jetpack plugin seems to have a mobile theme, so I’ve enabled that here on the site. Hope it works for you. 🙂

Also, I’ve decided that the next story to work on is Pegasus. It makes sense, it’s been a while since it saw an update.


Martin December 21, 0:32 GMT+0000

Just posted the fifth part of the Maw of Despair. Enjoy!


Martin December 20, 8:22 GMT+0000

So Wattpad has broken their embedding feature. I’ve sent them a Tweet about it, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Basically it means that the story page shows up inside the box which would usually have the neat embedded widget. Might as well just link you there instead. 🙁


Martin December 19, 4:21 GMT+0000

Um, no. After a reviewing of the Twenty Fifteen CSS file I decided ‘Hell no’ and reverted to my current theme.

It doesn’t really lend itself to being modded in the way that I would have liked. Shame on you, WordPress. 😛


Martin December 19, 3:41 GMT+0000

I may be switching over to the Twenty Fifteen theme for the site. It does not have a page menu at the top though, from what I can see of the preview, so I’d need to provide one for you if I did that!


Martin December 19, 2:28 GMT+0000

Hmm, okay. I looked at the publish date for my writing on the site this year and nope, posting new story parts on a semi-regular schedule would definitely be a new thing, haha.  Still, as long as I stay positive and carry it forward into next year, that’s the main thing!


Martin December 8, 2:11 GMT+0000

I did get around to the writing, a day late.  I now have The Rescue of Princess Irena Part 4 as a buffer.  No Way Home Part 4 has also progressed nicely. 🙂

I don’t think I got a lot of words done, what with watching Under Siege 2 at mum’s tonight, but I blew off the cobwebs at least.  There was almost no delay between finishing up one piece and picking up where I left off with another, so evidently I’m getting used to hopping between stories!


Martin September 10, 23:56 GMT+0000

Stopping at 1086 words tonight, finished the challenge, which is pretty good.  And all I had to do was give up a few hours of gaming. 🙂