The song that keeps going on

So, I had an idea for a new story the other day, tried to pass it on to Tess Mackenzie, got it bounced back, and decided maybe it’s worth a look.

I suppose, seeing as how time loops are an old favourite of mine, it was inevitable that I would find myself about to write one.

And then today, as I was contemplating waking up and going to the Jobcentre tomorrow, this idea for a song popped into my head:

Seems like so long ago
I heard this melody
An ancient melody
I thought hey, catchy!

And I thought I would never get tired
Of a song that keeps going on
But I was very wrong
So very wrong

In case you’re not sure how it supposed to be sung (or played for that matter) then my guess would be country-western.

And yeah, I have more of that whizzing around in my head.  So I guess I’ll be writing that too. 😉