The list – week ending Sunday 18 May 2014

  • Goals: I’m still going to try for 2900 words this month, but it is going to be tough with all the other things going on.  I’m resuming jobsearch after a period of several months in which I was recovering from depression.  I’m going to want to shift my focus to Edinburgh, and the staff in the Jobcentre are going to say that I must consider jobs close to home.  Balls to that, I say.  Working close to home means I’ll have barely any time to spend with someone new (that I’m going to be meeting very soon).
  • Other than that epic bullet point, I have nothing to report, except that I’m feeling very positive and excited.  I hope that you’re all having a good week!
  • I had a great time on my date and even got to talking about my writing.
  • On Sunday I worked on Servant of the Siphen Part 13.