The beta programme

Ahead of my scheduled post, I wanted to announce that I will be starting a reward system for beta readers.

  • On-site access to deleted scenes and unreleased content (you get a subscriber sign-in so you can see all that).
  • Coupons for heavy (up to 100%) discounts on any of my novels or books which aren’t already going out free.  Bear in mind that for now, I only distribute e-books.  If I do printed books in the future, I have no idea yet how I’ll coupon those.
  • Acknowledgement for whichever books or stories you beta.

Now this does imply that a commitment is required.  On the other hand, with your involvement, you’re free to choose which story or stories you want to see improved and worked on.  Beta readers can have a positive impact on the quality of the content, greatly aiding and speeding along the editing process because I won’t have to guess what people will think about a new piece or an edited piece of writing.

The beta programme will officially start after the A-Z challenge on 1st May 2014, but you’re free to drop by and get involved this month if you like.  Hint hint. 😉