Tevwa – A Twenty Eleven child theme for WordPress by Martin Burne, set to a width of 1600.  To install it on your self-hosted blog, unzip and upload the tevwa folder into your wp-content/themes folder.

And to go with it, five headers set to the suggested dimensions of 1600×350.  Take them for a spin!

Finally, if you check the style.css of Tevwa, you’ll find a line which allows you to customise the background of your page content.  Or you can delete/comment that out to choose between the standard dark and light colour schemes.

autumn_forest dark_caves purple_leaves_trees snow_trees sunset_tropical

2 responses to “Tevwa”

  1. Is the theme at the moment? I like it. 🙂
    Quite different to what you were using before, but clear and easy on the eye.
    Makes me wish my blog was self hosted so I could try some of these fancy themes. 🙂

    • Thanks!

      Actually, I’ve been using the underlying parts of the theme for a while now, it’s only recently that I figured out how to alter the page background (the part directly under the text) and try something that is not the standard dark or light.

      Self-hosted is not a bad way to go. I know that I’ve learned quite a bit about it in the time I’ve been blogging, most of it with a bit of Google searching. 🙂

      (And this wouldn’t post before, for some reason, strange…)