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  • Part 12 finished!

    I’m starting a new part that picks up after the big revelation in Part 12.  I think the fight scene needs a bit of work.  But I can come back to that. I’m in the final stretch for this chapter (Flight of Passion is Chapter 9 on my outline for the book) and when I’m […]

  • Part 11 finished!

    I’ve finished Part 11 of Flight of Passion and I’m moving on to Part 12.  There may be some further refinements as time allows. As I mentioned on Twitter I’m trying a couple of new plugins, one of which allows me to see the word count as a column in the admin panel (very useful) […]

  • Progress on Part 11

    It’s going fairly well.  I recently got past a scene in Part 11 that I was blocked on.  It’s still fairly rough but it feels better than my first try which I deleted (don’t worry, I keep a local copy of this stuff just in case). I added a Twitter plugin to the sidebar so […]

  • Starting a new part!

    So I think that Part 10 of Flight of Passion is long enough now, and I’m going to get cracking on Part 11.  I’ll sort out the combo page as well.

  • Updated

    The latest part of Flight of Passion which was previously posted on LiveJournal has been added to the site here.  Sorry for the delay. I’ve also broken it down into episodes for easier reading.

  • Missing Person

    Written in white chalk by the door was a notice that read, Missing person! Inquire within. “This the place?” Caroline asked. “Yes. It’s just how I remember it,” Isamura said. “Well, we don’t all need to go in,” Caroline said, peering in the window and thinking that it would get rather crowded if they all […]

  • 13 months later

    As the security detail reluctantly turned over their weapons, the rest of the team advanced into the town itself. There were no people on the main street, but from several windows frightened faces could be seen peering out at the outsiders. “It is not us they are fearful of,” Isamura told the others as they […]

  • Progress at last

    I made a little more progress last night, getting as far as the team entering the town, so I have updated. Enjoy!

  • Even more minor changes

    So there were a few things that didn’t feel right about the draft of Flight of Passion.  Isamura just had too many answers at the briefing, and I don’t think she should know everything.  So now instead she knows someone who deals in the kind of crystal that they need.  But there are no particular […]