Searching for a publisher, Part 1

So my first hit today is New Victoria Publishers.

Looking over their guidelines, I found myself inwardly nodding at each point. Okay, looks good, I’ll do that, mm-hm. Wait, what? No electronic submissions?

Okay look. This is the twenty-first century. If you want to print out a bunch of my manuscripts so you can look them over, fine. I’m not going to blow a load of ink printing something to send by snail mail.

I mean, dear lord. have you guys never heard of Dropbox?


2 responses to “Searching for a publisher, Part 1”

  1. REALLY? Wow. Well, they do call themselves “New VICTORIA” — I guess they work by gaslight with little green visors and gaiters to keep their sleeves from getting stained with ink.

    • That gave me a laugh, thanks!

      I guess the downside of taking electronic submissions is that you get a lot of them. Which means that consequently, everyone has to wait a while for a response.