Publishing and kryptonite

So I realised today that there’s at least one publisher out there that just won’t comprehend what I’m doing.

The publishing industry has gone through lots of changes (or so they say) and these days they expect their authors to soar through the air like Superman.  But the moment the author flies too close to some green rocks that cause them to fall out of the sky and crash, they wash their hands of them.  They giveth the contracts, and then they taketh them away.

It’s a harsh reality, but they want to make money, and flops don’t make any money.

So along I come, writing for the enjoyment of the readers.  Giving away lots of freebies, pitching my offering on NOOK Press at the rock-bottom price of 75p.

They must think that I’m crazy.

The thing is, I may be going about it all wrong.  However, I’m free to do so without taking a huge risk on a print of books that might not sell.  While it is true that a stable income would help me to focus on the writing, it’s not the only pressing issue.

I need to be happy about what I write.  For me, it’s not just some deep space franchise.  It’s about the readers, and making the experience of reading matter to them.

I’m going to try and make that experience a good one.  And right now, I’m not going to say what that might be, but I have ideas.  Perhaps you have ideas too, and want to share them in that terrifying comment box down there?

I’m not Superman, but these green rocks?  They’re just rocks.  I can’t crash because of them, because nobody expects me to fly.

Truth be told, I’m more partial to The Flash anyway. 😀