Progress report for July 2014

  • Progress on Sasha gets Five Stars: 92 words
  • Wrote an unslotted Nexus scene: 261 words.
  • Wrote part of a VOY fanfic: 711 words.
  • Total monthly words for July: 1064.

So it’s a bit short of my monthly goal of 2900 words, but it’s not as short as June’s total, so I’m improving.

I’ve got a new obstacle to August.  If you read my tweets last night, you know that I’ve got a ringing in my ears which refuses to go away.  It’s noticeable even over the sound of traffic on a busy road.

Um.  Well I just discovered through Google-fu that ringing in ears is a rare side-effect of taking citalopram.  Guess what?  That’s the medication I’m on.

I think it’s worth asking some questions and getting tests done to rule out an infection or some other treatable problem before changing medication.

Anyway, I’m quite happy that I started working on Sasha Gets Five Stars again, and I’ve got it open in another tab so I think I will make a bit of progress early on in August.

2 responses to “Progress report for July 2014”

  1. Any improvement is one holding onto and squeezing all the goodness out.
    Glad to hear you’re sticking with it and pressing on.

    Medical side effects are bit of a pain in the arse, but seems to me like you’re well on top of it. x