Of outlines and minimaps

So earlier tonight I made a new page to contain my outline for No Way Home.  This functions much like a minimap in Minecraft, helps me to see where I’m going, what’s ahead, without getting into much of the fine detail.

If at some point I need to zoom in and break up the bullet points into smaller points, then I can do that easily.

Um, of course you guys can only see Part 1, which is already posted, so it doesn’t matter about spoilers unless you haven’t read it.  Parts 2 to 4 are hidden away.  I’m getting to be good at that.  Hiding things away, I mean.

Anyway, with eleven days left in the month, I’m going to alternate between writing and outlining, and hopefully that will kick off some serious progress.  It would have been good to do that last month, but I guess this is a learning experience, right?

So, wish me luck, and stuff. 🙂