No fancy cover for Servant of the Siphen

So I’ve come to a decision regarding the cover for Servant of the Siphen and future works.

Basically, until I can afford a nice-looking image created by a professional artist, I’d rather go with something simple which works well even when shrunk down to a thumbnail.  I’m pretty sure I can manage that on my own.

I can’t really photograph a futuristic spaceship or a dimensional portal or a dark sorceress down here on Earth so, sorry but I can’t do that.  I’m not going to rip off someone’s artwork and throw it on the cover of an ebook either.

If and when the writing starts to pay off (which may not be for some time) then I will invest in better artwork as a thank-you to the readers who have bought my books and, thanks to the wonder of modern digital distribution, it will not cost them one penny more than they have already spent to download the new version.

Bear in mind, Servant of the Siphen is already available to read here on the site.  It may receive further edits (when I hear back from beta readers) but it is basically and always will be free, as a preview for readers who want to know what my work is like before they buy, or just to enjoy for what it is, an adventure that can stand alone without the rest of the novel.

Thanks for reading and if you have an opinion please feel free to air it here or on Twitter. 🙂