It’s that time again!

I’m getting ready for another round of editing.

So for example, I’m going to back up the story as I go, so that if I don’t like my edits I can go back. And, I’ve already made a bunch of notes about what I want to change and where.

As usual, with my backwards editing process, I’m not simply taking things out, I’m also adding things which need to be there. So there’s going to be some extra writing to do. And like I already said, if I don’t like where things go, I can always revert to the backup.

Something else I thought I should mention while this is going on. I’m probably going to start limiting how much free content is available here on the site. The reason for this is that there’s really not much incentive for someone to buy a book when they can just read it all for free. Maybe other writers can give away free books, and maybe that works for them. I haven’t had many comments about the things I’ve been working on, so maybe keeping most of it under wraps will give me that mysterious edge I’m lacking. “Read it and see,” or something like that. 🙂

This round of edits will ideally get the stories up to an excellent standard. I’ll still need to get someone to read them, but I’ll hold off until I’m a bit closer to finishing. One of the main complaints that I’ve had in the past from prospective readers (and that I totally understand) is that the stories aren’t finished. Yes, there’s a few good chunks of content, and there’s also nothing joining them up.

So I’m going to try and spend a bit more time on the writing instead of this once a week thing in the wee hours of Sunday morning.