Introducing Caroline

Caroline Trueman is the commander of the Orion.  She and her crew were chosen for the exploration tour because of their ability to handle long assignments in deep space, although they were not the only crew to request the Orion.  They’re going out further than any humans of their time have ever gone, so their abilities to cope with isolation will be tested throughout the story.

In Lonely Caroline and The Rescue of Princess Irena, we discover that Caroline has a fondness for fantasy stories (such as Tara Morgan and the Mausoleum of Mordilon) and brought along at least two virtual reality headsets which are soon put to use.  She also has a wife named Wilma back home on Earth.

Understandably then, when the dimensional portal leading back to Earth is damaged during the battle with the Siphen, she is preoccupied by the thought of never seeing Wilma again.  She is frustrated to find that the portal is a complex bit of technology that for the moment, is beyond their ability to repair.

As Flight of Passion begins we discover that she has taken Isamura as her lover.  She has regrets about her infidelity, even considering the circumstances.  Isamura tells her, “Wilma is lucky to have taken a woman such as yourself to be hers. You will be hers again when you find a way home.”  It remains to be seen if this will be the case.