Futura Memoratia

On the off-chance that someone reading actually likes Stargate fanfic, let me point you at a great one written by Jen Foehner Wells.

This is a lengthy tale featuring an original character in a relationship with Dr. McKay and set during Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis. I read through it cover to cover while I was feeling under the weather and wow, did this ever cheer me up.

It’s masterfully done. The way that it weaves in and out of the plot means you won’t be bored feeling as if you’re seeing a re-run of the episodes you’ve seen already, but you will feel a sense of continuity with the show despite the breaks from canon that do occur.

I’ll be blunt about it, Season 3 was pretty dark what with killing off Carson. In Futura Memoratia, he removes those explosive tumours before they have a chance to go boom. That’s about all the spoilers I can really share, as it’s a fine piece of writing and you should check it out for yourself if you’re so inclined. Here’s what Jen has to say about it on Twitter:

I hope you enjoy reading it like I have!