Depression (da da daaaa!)

So, I’m in treatment for depression.

I think my most prominent symptom is sleepiness.  Not just excessive sleeping, but drowsiness during the time that I’m awake.  I think an apt comparison is that when I first went to the doctor, I felt a bit like Lillian in Go Get a Roomie.

I’m doing much better now in terms of mood and willingness to engage with the outside world, but my writing suffers a bit as a result of not just the depression, but the treatment for it, which acts like a sedative.

One of the interesting ways in which it actually helps my writing though is that I do sometimes have very real-seeming dreams, even though the events which transpire are unreal.

Being visited in dreams by someone who you almost never see or could never see, living and seeing a dream reality, and being someone else are all features which help to resolve things in the waking world that have never been resolved, or to push me in new direction or encourage me to change and to heal.  That includes reaching out to people for help that they can give.

So while I’m not writing a great many words at the moment, I am steering in a good direction.  The A-Z Challenge is sort of part of that, and aside from my scheduling going to hell in a hand basket, it’s been very positive!

I think one of the things that I can take from my experience is that I know what it’s like to feel unable to deal with reality.  There’s one of my characters in particular who I feel I can relate to better because she finds her exploration mission to be lonely and depressing.  But in the story I do give her opportunities to not feel that way.  How it turns out, well, you’ll see, one day!

Promise. 🙂

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    • It has been a challenging week (I wasn’t really ready for some of the subjects in came up with) but I’m starting to hit my stride. Next week will be good!