Nope, definitely not an escort mission

Here’s an excerpt from tonight’s labours. There’s no spoilers. Enjoy! 🙂

During their last adventure the two of them discovered a sorcerer locked in one of the cells of the villain’s castle. He’d been tortured to the point of insanity, and was restrained and gagged. They released him, he thanked them profusely for freeing him, and then promptly dashed upstairs and cut a swathe of revenge through the castle, powerful magics tearing through anyone or anything which stood in his path.


With the walls collapsing to rocks and dust around the madman, Caroline and Rhona ran for the main gate, fighting through the courtyard and stealing some horses. They made it far enough to clear the blast radius of a huge magical explosion. When they looked back, all they could see were the ruins of the bottom of the castle.


“That was a strange ending,” Rhona said, recalling the experience, “but I like being surprised by what other characters do. And I love seeing your expression when they don’t do as you expected.”


“Of course you do.”