Martin December 19, 2:28 GMT+0000

Hmm, okay. I looked at the publish date for my writing on the site this year and nope, posting new story parts on a semi-regular schedule would definitely be a new thing, haha.  Still, as long as I stay positive and carry it forward into next year, that’s the main thing!

The posting frenzy continues

So, there are a couple of thoughts which came up when I was looking at publishers earlier today.

The main one is this: does it bother you that a dude is writing stories about women, for women?

I have to consider this when approaching publishers. They may not want to take me on, or they might insist that I use a gender-neutral pseudonym. Which I’m not wild about, but I’d do it for the sake of reader sanity.

Fun fact.  My real name, shortened, is gender-neutral.

I’m a storyteller, and I’m affected by and interested in the reactions of the readers. The more readers I have, if you follow this logically, the better I will get at telling stories. 🙂

If now and again, I have to kindly remind them that my pseudonym is just that, it might be a bit of a let-down for some. Others, I suspect, will shrug and say ‘whatever.’

Later! Off to eat something and work on the writing some more! 🙂

Searching for a publisher, Part 3

I had a look at the submission guidelines for Bella Books just now. I think that I can tick all the boxes there. Honestly though, I’ve never knowingly formatted anything according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

They do accept e-mail submissions, and it must of course include a covering letter, a synopsis and of course the manuscript, although they will also take questions about the submissions process.

Overall, I would say that they’re a good find, even considering the 90-day turnaround on submissions. 🙂

Searching for a publisher, Part 2

My next hit of the day is Dreamspinner Press. Now, unfortunately, they specialise in M/M pairings, with F/F being acceptable as a secondary relationship. However, the rest of their submission guidelines look good, and they’re interested in cross-genre works!

Also, they accept e-mail submissions.


Anyway, positive result, even though I probably won’t contact them. Who knows, maybe someone reading this will be inspired to get in touch with them.

Searching for a publisher, Part 1

So my first hit today is New Victoria Publishers.

Looking over their guidelines, I found myself inwardly nodding at each point. Okay, looks good, I’ll do that, mm-hm. Wait, what? No electronic submissions?

Okay look. This is the twenty-first century. If you want to print out a bunch of my manuscripts so you can look them over, fine. I’m not going to blow a load of ink printing something to send by snail mail.

I mean, dear lord. have you guys never heard of Dropbox?


Of brains and HD images

Strange dreams continue. I’m not quite sure how brains can conjure completely new photo-real images. I don’t even know what to do with such an image, except maybe to describe, and words are almost inadequate.

I guess the focal point has to be the eyes. They’re narrow, and the irises are light, possibly light blue or grey. There’s eyeliner, but it’s subtle.

A mostly clear complexion. perhaps light freckles. As for the hair, sun-bleached blonde is my best guess.

That’s it. It’s faded to the point where I’m not sure about any more details. Well, except that this character is a woman.

Thank you, brain, for being random. HD quality, without a frickin’ care about how it gets stored.

I mean, I’ll try and use this somehow, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of my existing characters.

Well actually, now that I think about it, perhaps this could be Caroline’s wife, Wilma. The hair doesn’t match what I originally envisaged, but who cares, this one is better! 🙂


Martin December 8, 2:11 GMT+0000

I did get around to the writing, a day late.  I now have The Rescue of Princess Irena Part 4 as a buffer.  No Way Home Part 4 has also progressed nicely. 🙂

I don’t think I got a lot of words done, what with watching Under Siege 2 at mum’s tonight, but I blew off the cobwebs at least.  There was almost no delay between finishing up one piece and picking up where I left off with another, so evidently I’m getting used to hopping between stories!

Also, active vs passive cooling for laptops

Ha!  Two blog posts in one day!  You just can’t shut me up. 🙂

So, as you may have gathered, there’s active and passive cooling.  Active meaning that your fans are spinning, passive meaning that they aren’t.

Now on the one hand, passive cooling does allow your laptop (or netbook in my case) to save power.  But generally this is done by allowing it to slowly radiate heat, while your computer runs slower so that it stops producing too much heat for the passive cooling to deal with.

The thing is, not only does the heat make your computer run slower indirectly, it also makes the components directly use more power to run even though things are slower.  At least until it cools down.

The net result is that yes, your battery lasts a little bit longer, but the actual time in which your computer is useful while you’re using it is (arguably) less, with programs skidding to a halt or slowing down considerably when the processor is trying to cool off.

Running the fan may cut your battery time in half, admittedly, if my experience with active cooling on battery today is anything to go by, but it’s something that I can live with if I’m not waiting for the computer to catch up with all those keystrokes I just made. 😉

Likewise, keeping the computer cool using active cooling also reduces power usage by the components which tend to get hot.  It’s a trade-off, but I would argue that it is worth it because heat can also make the lifetime of those same components dwindle.

Desert Island Writing Challenge

Imagine that you have been shipwrecked.  You decide to write a story to pass the time in between surviving and creating an S.O.S. in Times New Rocks Extra Large on the beach.  But what horror is this?

You discover that your only writing supplies are a single sheet of paper and one pen.  Undeterred though, you decide to press on with the task, since it is the only thing keeping you focused.  But you cannot make notes, or an outline, or a synopsis, because your paper is precious.


  • Your story must fit on two sides of an A4 page.
  • It must be somewhat legible, but under the circumstances, mistakes and strikeouts are acceptable.
  • You cannot delete any words once you have committed them to paper, not even your mistakes.  Think before you write!
  • You may doodle crude pictures or single words in the sand, but of course, since the wind will eventually blow them away, so they’re only good for a day or so.
  • Your story must be self-contained and have an ending.  It is the only story you will ever write on this island, so it had better be good!
  • You will be rescued in seven days, whether you have finished your story or not.