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  • Evie’s Job

    Evie’s Job

    Hi guys. Tonight, I wrote a review of Evie’s Job (by Tess Mackenzie) over on The Site Which Must Not Be Named. It was promptly rejected. So here you go. Comment if you like, share it if you like. More importantly, if you’re swayed by my opinions, why not go and read it for yourself?…

  • Also starting with the letter E…

    Tess Mackenzie’s latest serial, Evie’s Job, is now 73 chapters long!  I enjoy reading it every day.  Check it out on Wattpad if you like.

  • Futura Memoratia

    Futura Memoratia

    On the off-chance that someone reading actually likes Stargate fanfic, let me point you at a great one written by Jen Foehner Wells.