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  • When will more stories be posted on Wattpad?

    I’ve decided to give No Way Home a shot on Wattpad tonight, just need to put together a cover for it. Servant of the Siphen will be posted when it’s finished.  So after part 13 or 14 if I need one more part to round it off. Pegasus and The Maw of Despair are already […]

  • Revisiting old projects and sanity

    So I didn’t hit my target of Thursday for Part 4 of The Rescue. It’s a bummer, but sometimes things will not always go the way I want, and I need to accept that and try to move on. Part of the problem is that I’ve got to this point where I’m a bit anxious […]

  • Update on Pegasus

    No, I haven’t managed to fit any new content in there, I added a feedback form to replace the comments box. If you haven’t seen it yet, use the menu above, hover over Pegasus and then click Pegasus – Prologue. Or click here. I know that it sort of defeats the point of having all […]