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  • Nope, definitely not an escort mission

    Nope, definitely not an escort mission

    Here’s an excerpt from tonight’s labours. There’s no spoilers. Enjoy! 🙂 During their last adventure the two of them discovered a sorcerer locked in one of the cells of the villain’s castle. He’d been tortured to the point of insanity, and was restrained and gagged. They released him, he thanked them profusely for freeing him, […]

  • Progress report, December

    Progress report, December

    I’m very nearly done with Part 4 of No Way Home. Actually, I’m up to 1600 words or so and I might have to begin Part 5 with the one little thing that I haven’t written into Part 4 yet. It’s not a big deal, in fact the start of a new part is a […]

  • End of November update

    End of November update

    I’m doing better.  A couple of nights ago I worked on the fifth part of The Maw of Despair (that’s Part 4 of The Rescue).  Damn near finished it in one sitting. Still haven’t finished the challenge I set for myself.  Who knew that it would be so difficult to find a place to use […]

  • No Way Home

    No Way Home

    So I finished up No Way Home Part 2. It’s a bit shorter than expected, at just under 1000 words.  Have a read of it if you like! I haven’t actually finished up the challenge that I set myself.  Still got to find a way to work the word ‘snapped’ into the next part.  I […]

  • Progress is progress

    Progress is progress

    So today’s gone reasonably well.  I got some writing done.  What’s more, I got it done as today’s challenge over at the Erotic Writer’s Group.  It puts me at 261 words for the month. 🙂 Also, as I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I gave my mum a copy of Servant of the Siphen today.  She […]

  • Of outlines and minimaps

    Of outlines and minimaps

    So earlier tonight I made a new page to contain my outline for No Way Home.  This functions much like a minimap in Minecraft, helps me to see where I’m going, what’s ahead, without getting into much of the fine detail. If at some point I need to zoom in and break up the bullet […]

  • When will more stories be posted on Wattpad?

    I’ve decided to give No Way Home a shot on Wattpad tonight, just need to put together a cover for it. Servant of the Siphen will be posted when it’s finished.  So after part 13 or 14 if I need one more part to round it off. Pegasus and The Maw of Despair are already […]

  • Part 13 of Servant of the Siphen

    Part 13 of Servant of the Siphen

    I’ve updated Part 13 on the site now.  It isn’t finished yet, but you can see it taking form. 🙂 Since yesterday I’ve been a bit more motivated to write.  I think that having a supportive talk with someone in person has made a big difference! I’m going to need a beta or two to read Servant […]

  • So it’s been a while since I made a proper post. I’ve been dealing with my depression.  I’ve started a new medication which seems to be working a bit better than the old one. Still planning to do an A-Z of blog posts next month.  Should be exciting! I’m also definitely going to start on […]