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  • The list – week ending Sunday 25 May 2014

    Added an old draft of Chapter 8 (No Way Home) to the site for editing. Updated the Nexus ideas page (nothing I can reveal yet, spoilers). All in all, not a very productive week.  I have been feeling out of sorts since attending the Jobcentre on Tuesday, and in fact never got around to this […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 18 May 2014

    Goals: I’m still going to try for 2900 words this month, but it is going to be tough with all the other things going on.  I’m resuming jobsearch after a period of several months in which I was recovering from depression.  I’m going to want to shift my focus to Edinburgh, and the staff in […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 11 May 2014

    Changelog: Cleaned up typos in Servant of the Siphen Part 12. Progress: I started on Part 13, but I’ve only got one sentence so far (so I haven’t updated here on the site yet).  Going to work on it after breakfast. Set up a new domain e-mail.  I’ve noticed that Live’s e-mail service  is becoming […]

  • A-Z Challenge post-mortem

    A-Z Challenge post-mortem

    So, I didn’t get through all of the A-Z posts by the end of the month. Being honest with you, I did spend quite a bit of the first couple of weeks worrying about money, something which is basically out of my control.  Things are fine now but I’m late paying my bills and that’s […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 4 May 2014

    Skipped last week’s list.  I’ve been really tired. I added some ideas to the ideas page.  Since they’re already out there as a comment on Kristen Lamb‘s blog, no need to hide them away. I added a Fanfic page and a fanfic ideas page. I added a combo page for The Maw of Despair with […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 20 April 2014

    The list – week ending Sunday 20 April 2014

    This week hasn’t been all that great for writing. I did come up with a good idea for a K post for the A-Z Challenge, but I’ve been too tired to tackle it or any of my other letter posts for this week. Thankfully I’m on a higher dose of anti-depressant now and over the […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 13 April 2014

    (The list is a sort of week view of writing tasks I’ve done!) Completed my sixth and seventh posts for the A-Z Challenge. Completed my H post for the A-Z Challenge. Completed my I post for the A-Z Challenge. Completed my J post for the A-Z Challenge.

  • The list – week ending Sunday 6 April 2014

    My first post for the A-Z challenge is posted now and I have some ideas about what I want to do for tomorrow’s post. Also, from now on when I do an edit to the stories that I have on the site, I’m going to highlight the changes in a post.  Sort of like a […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 30 March 2014

    I’ve prepared my list of subjects from A to Z. Thursday was an exceptionally good day for me, felt much more energetic, even defrosted the freezer.  Well, almost, the ice ot the top is hanging on quite stubbornly. Also on Thursday I worked on some video editing which I’d been procrastinating over.