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  • August down, slow progress

    August down, slow progress

    So August was a bit of a let.down in terns of word count, with just 194 words. Sorry about that. Truth be told, my motivation seems to be at a low right now. Which is kind of odd, considering how positive things have been. My major goal for September is still to address my hearing […]

  • Character outline!

    Character outline!

    So I’m taking on one of the challenges over at The Erotica Writer’s Group.  The goal is pretty simple – build a character outline using the supplied template. The character I’m using for this challenge?  Erica Reed. I’ve already worked on the outline a little bit but honestly, there are a lot of questions on […]

  • Progress report for July 2014

    Progress report for July 2014

    That annoying ringing… it’s not me levelling up. 😛

  • The Seventh Sister

    I wrote 300 words for that VOY fanfic tonight.  I’m not sure how well it works, but it was interesting to research it at least. This puts me some way toward completing my writing goal for this month.  I’ll need to keep working at it, though!

  • Progress is progress

    Progress is progress

    So today’s gone reasonably well.  I got some writing done.  What’s more, I got it done as today’s challenge over at the Erotic Writer’s Group.  It puts me at 261 words for the month. 🙂 Also, as I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I gave my mum a copy of Servant of the Siphen today.  She […]

  • Another month, another missed goal

    Another month, another missed goal

    So, I managed only 497 words of my 2900 word goal in June. On the plus side, I did try my hand at a completely new story. I’m adding a new goal in for July.  Finding a job has got to be my main priority from now on.  Never mind that I hate the process […]

  • The list – June 2014

    My weekly goals and achievement list. Check back later in the week to see how I’m doing!

  • Monthly target for May – not reached, oh no

    I did manage a little bit over 2000 words on stories this month, most of it in the past week.  It’s not as much as I wanted to get done, but that’s fine.  2900 words still to beat in June. 🙂 The 2900 words (or more) will be split between my active projects: No Way […]

  • The list – week ending Sunday 01 June 2014

    Added a new WordPress plugin to the Writing tools and resources page. Progress on Servant of the Siphen Part 13: 352 words. Finished No Way Home Part 1: 1619 words. Progress on No Way Home Part 2: 102 words. Total monthly words for May: 2073. Worked on No Way Home Part 1 a bit more, […]