Another month, another missed goal

So, I managed only 497 words of my 2900 word goal in June.

On the plus side, I did try my hand at a completely new story.

I’m adding a new goal in for July.  Finding a job has got to be my main priority from now on.  Never mind that I hate the process or that every company I get in touch with seems to be trolling me.  I need a job so that I can do what I love in my spare time because it doesn’t pay any bills right now, and that’s the end of it.

If I’m going to be honest, I don’t feel great.  I’ve been sleeping a lot, and I ventured out to the store to get food today with great reluctance.

Things can get better, though.  It’s just difficult to see when, or the total sum of what I need to do.  I can count on no real support from my local Jobcentre in finding work, though.  So I’m on my frelling own there.  I’ve also had no encouraging or useful feedback on applications so, once again, I’m on my own, with no idea whether I’m even close to being shortlisted.  Thanks for that, boys and girls.

tl;dr fml